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Schenelle Dsouza
Calling the beauty industry unpredictable is an understatement. Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok, we have new beauty challenges, trends and style statements every day. Faux freckles, painted dark circles, and fake blemishes happen to be the newest, granted slightly absurd trend, that have taken the beauty industry by storm. Adding to these absurdities is one new trend which we may happen to like, the sunburnt makeup look aka #SunBurnBlush.
Hailey Bieber
Photo Courtesy: Hailey Bieber / Instagram
The viral makeup trend was an instant hit not only among beauty gurus on Tik Tok but celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Alexandria Daddario, Selena Gomes and Camilla Cabello also showed off their perfect faux sunburn look.
Alexandra Daddario
Photo Courtesy: Alexandra Daddario / Instagram
While nobody likes getting sunburnt in reality, the sunburnt look is something a lot of women happen to enjoy, especially on Tik Tok. The not-so-real sunburn look is created with a mildly orange blush spread across the cheeks and nose. But you don’t just take an orange blush and spread it all over. The technique behind the viral trend is extremely specific.
Step 1: Pick the right blush 
In any occasion, it is often difficult to find the right blush, that not only matches your skin tone but also works with your skin type and of course the occasion. For the sunburnt makeup look, you can choose between orange, coral and peach colours with highly pigmented formulations, which also suit your skin tone. Picking one too light or too dark might ruin the look from the get-go.
Step 2: Applying it to the right areas 
The blush techniques have had so many evolutions over the years, that it might get confusing. While applying blush to different areas of your cheeks can give you a different look altogether, the sunburn makeup look needs your blush to go on exactly where you would naturally get a sunburn; that is the bride of your nose and the apples of your cheeks. You can also add a hint to your forehead, but very carefully or you might end up looking like you caught a rash.
Step 3: Blend!
This step cannot be stressed enough. Blending is by far the most important trick to getting the perfect makeup look, not just for this look. In this case, too, blending the blush into your skin will help give it a softer, less harsh sunburn look; like a natural flush after a morning run.
Once you figure out the above steps, you’re all ready to recreate your chic sunburn look. Here are a few blushes to get you started.
Benefit Cosmetics Georgia Blush Powder
Benefit Cosmetics
Photo Courtesy: Benefit Cosmetics
Coral and peach hues have replaced the popping orange blushes for a more natural flush, and Benefit Cosmetics was among the premier brands to highlight this change. Their Georgia Blush is a beautifully vibrant golden-peach colour that has a warm undertone perfect for the summer glow look.
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Clarins Joli Blush
Photo Courtesy: Clarins
An extremely lightweight formula, Clarins Jolie Blush is the ultimate summer hue for your cheeks. Formulated with special tint pigments, the blush has a highly pigmented formula that requires just one swipe and can be adjusted to just about any skin tone, giving you a bright summer glow.
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Dior Rouge Blush
Photo Courtesy: Dior
Dior has some of the most sultry and intense blushes. In addition to being ultra-pigmented, this blush has a seamless formula that spreads like butter. It is buildable and has an illuminating texture that lasts all day long.
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Givenchy Prisme Libre Blush
Photo Courtesy: Givenchy
Illuminating blushes often have a fresh cheeky flush just like this one. Its beautiful coral hue is as natural as it gets with a tailor-made second-skin-like finish. Despite its matte finish, the blush has an illuminating undertone to keep your cheek from looking dry and patchy.
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Huda Beauty Glowish Cheeky Vegan Blush Powder
Huda Beauty
Photo Courtesy: Huda Beauty
Providing one of the best finishes is Huda’s Glowish Blush. It has a velvety powder formula with a marble-like texture that provides a softer, blushed glow rather than a big burst of colour. The resulting look is a fresh face with a soft but bright cheeky glow.
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MAC Glow Play
MAC Cosmetics
Photo Courtesy: MAC Cosmetics
MAC is another brand that has some of the best blush formulas. It has a sheer to buildable formula that can work for both a light day look and a vibrant night look as well.
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Nudestix Nudies Matte All Over Face Blush
Photo Courtesy: Nudestix
Cream blushes are among the best formulations for a natural flush and Nudestix is by far one of the best cream blushes in the market. This water-resistant, monochromatic nude colour has a creamy-balm like texture that glides on seamlessly. It comes with a brush on the other end for easy application.
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