This Ludhiana mansion is a lesson in maximalism  

Ruhi Gilder 
Varun Baweja Designs has taken a leaf out of interior design’s hottest trend currently – maximalism to create a haven called Nilaya in Ludhiana, Punjab. Spanning 13,000 sq. ft, the two-storey mansion features five en-suite bedrooms, powder rooms, multiple lounges, an entertainment area, a spa, and a home theatre. 
Following the client’s brief to create an atypical home filled with vivid hues and rich fabrics, the director of the company Varun Baweja created a home that balances his bold vision with the firm’s creative director Vanshika’s feminine sensibilities. While the ground level comprises the kitchen, formal living room, family lounge, powder room, dining area, master bedroom and daughter’s room, the first floor has two bedrooms for the sons, a common lobby, a pooja room and a guest bedroom.
A complete party level, the second floor houses a lounge and bar, home theatre, spa, gym and a second guest room. An open-to-the-sky terrace with a lawn on this floor also occupies space on this floor.  
An impeccably groomed lawn is sprinkled with sculptural water features, an intimate seating area is placed in the middle of the verdant surroundings. 
A double-height French door welcomes the homeowners into a passageway adorned with jade green seating arrangements contrasted by a black-and-gold console. A 10-ft tall ornately hand-carved wooden mirror reflects the beautiful floral art on the opposing wall.   
Hand-carved artworks line the walls alongside the stairs, and a double-height window with Victorian casement details allows for a magnificent view of a beautiful vertical garden. 
Italian grey marble acts as a wonderful foil to the audacious gold brass railings of the grand staircase. A custom-designed chandelier detailed with 560 fairies falls from the topmost floor casting a pattern of lights on all levels of the home.  
In the central lobby leading to the rooms, pictured above, the mirrored ceiling amplifies the effect of the neutral-toned painting and the intricacy of the tables that line the walls. 
Earth-toned sofas on the ground floor family lounge are surrounded by contemporary metal chairs with an unexpected animal skin seat. The warmth of the plush couch interacts with the marble table for a balanced effect.  
A palette of blue dominates the dining area, where a quirky panelled artwork complements an African horn chandelier. The lavishly appointed dining chairs with metal details are perfect for leisurely meals with family. 
The daughter’s room on the ground floor is an ode to Venetian mirrors. The space houses a Venetian four-poster mirrored bed, while the side table, LED unit and wardrobe are also made of the same reflective material but are etched with intricate details.  
Inside the regal master bedroom, gold leaf details abound. Victorian paneled wall details and a customized hand embroidered wallpaper form the focal point of the room.  
On the first floor, the son’s bedroom follows the theme of red, black, beige and rose gold. The bed was made in-house by Varun Baweja Designs and is hand-carved and finished in copper leafing. 
Dramatic in its effect, the bathroom takes on the unusual colour palette of black and copper. Saint Laurent marble is set against the backdrop of mosaic tiles, which is then covered in twin Venetian mirrors.  
The kitchen on the ground floor is covered in cabinets that have a grey-blue finish. The unique chimney is edged in gold metallic details that contrast the pendant lights that are adorned with a horn-like design element.  
The entertainment lounge on the top floor is armed with an onyx bar top that would make any bartender proud. A rich burgundy sofa, onyx coffee table paired with an animal skin patterned carpet holds the lounge area together. A repeating design motif in the home, a trio of Venetian mirrors decorate the wall behind the sofa.  
Undoubtedly the most unique room of the home, the spa room on the top floor is painted in relaxing tones of wood as well as dull gold. Victorian paneled walls and a patterned wooden flooring gives precedence to art-like tables and a wooden sculpture, topped by a saxophone chandelier. 
Designed for acoustic optimization, the Home Theatre is all dark tones and comfortable lounge seats. Cozy recliners in leather, fabric paneling on the walls and ceiling, cove light details going from the floor to ceiling add drama to the space, while a similar drama plays out on the screen.  
All images courtesy: Atul Pratap Chauhan
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