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February 27, 2024

This stunning, 35,000-sq-ft Kerala home has, both, green and grandeur

This beautiful Kerala house, called the Monsoon House, by Taliesyn, a Bengaluru-based architectural and interior design firm, is in every bit opulent.

The two-storeyed structure, spanning 35,000 sq ft has four private suites for the family members and shared family spaces like a home theatre, gym, an indoor pool, and lounges.

The home is situated in close proximity to the backwaters and lush paddy fields of Thrissur, and it is designed in a way that ample daylight seeps in.
Reminiscent of Kerala’s heritage homes, the design scheme is rooted proudly in Indianised influences—use of motifs on the walls, a central courtyard and garden.
The home’s design flow is etched around a central courtyard, and the arrangements of the spaces are based on the popular American architect Louis Kahn’s maxim of ‘subsidiary and served areas’. Kahn’s philosophy was to divide the home into majorly two sections: one that is not used for habitation (subsidiary), i.e. toilets, storage, kitchen, technical rooms, stairs and corridors; and the other (served) is the one that is frequented a lot by the homeowners like the living rooms, bedrooms, fireplace and veranda. This system is created to provide privacy to the primary occupants while still staying associated with the outdoor surroundings.
Bold woven rugs with floral prints, jewel-toned upholstery and curated furniture dominate the home.

A colonnaded verandah doubles up as the entrance section, which overlooks the landscape and unfolds in a foyer that culminates into the central court.
The colour palette mainly has shades of brown, beige and gold.

The age-old craft of inlay work has been added across the walls of the house, floors and ceilings.
Tobacco marble, serpeggiante marble, and mosaic work dot the home’s expansive surfaces.
The double-height ceiling in the living room, the intricate monochrome mosaic work on the floors, the fluted jade marble accent wall and the enormous glass chandeliers make for grand dining area.
The manicured garden in the centre gives a faux sense of a farmhouse amidst the concrete structure.
Photo courtesy: Harshan Thomson
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