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June 21, 2024

Follow these five tips to ace your work-from-home game

Karisha Vasandani

We all know that it’s sometimes a struggle to stay productive whilst working from home. The temptation to binge-watch and sleep is hard to resist. Follow these 5 tips to help you stay sharp and effective while working from home.
1. Get Ready
Working in your loungewear can be demotivating, but wearing your usual workwear can help create a professional environment for you to thrive in. Here’s some inspiration from boss Mindy Kaling.
Mindy Kaling/Instagram
2. Keep aside your distractions
We’ve all heard this one before but how many of us actually follow through? Whether it’s Netflix, Instagram, Amazon, keep aside anything that will distract you. You can easily set your screentime on your iPhone to make sure you stay focussed and avoid scrolling for hours.
3. Stay fresh
Make sure you’re all fresh before you’re ready to sit down and work for your regular 9-5. Don’t just hurry out of bed and start working. Check out Jessie Reyez’s recent video featured on Vogue on how to look awake and fresh!

4. Work on a table.
Don’t work on your bed or your comfortable sofa. Be a bit more strict with yourself and work from your desk. Remember, only go to your comfortable spots when you’re on break.
5. Recharge.
Don’t forget to take a break! Even if it’s just for a while. Relaxing is important to recharge. Many of us fall into the same old pattern of overworking; however, this technique won’t make you more productive in the long run. You need to reward yourself, no matter how small your goal for the day is.
Maybe try out the #quarantinepillowchallenge?

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