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July 23, 2024

Get your favourite Christmas cake from these famous bakeries of Mumbai

Schenelle Dsouza 
It’s the beginning of December which means the preparation and celebration of Christmas has already begun. And Christmas in India is incomplete without a good old-fashioned plum cake. Sweet, warm and comforting, plum cakes are one of the oldest traditions and a must-have for all partaking in the Christmas cheer. So if you want to get your hands on some of these delicious bakes, here’s where you can find them.
American Express Bakery
American Express Bakery
Photo Courtesy: American Express Bakery / Instagram
One of the most popular bakeries in Mumbai, American Express Bakery was started by the Carvalho family in 1908 and has since then been responsible for delivering some of the most delicious baked goods. One of them being their iconic Christmas cakes. These include the Dundee cake which is a traditional Scottish Christmas cake and allegedly one of Queen Elizabeth’s favourites; apple pie, plum pudding and more. Aside from cake the bakery also has some delicious gingerbread cookies, cinnamon rolls, breads and pies, all of which are especially alluring during Christmas.
Byculla: AEB House, 66 A, Mirza Galib Rd, Marg, Ashadham Colony, Byculla, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400008
Bandra: Plot No 87, Villa Sushma, Hill Rd, Bandra West, Hill Rd, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050
A1 Bakery, Bandra
A1 Bakery
Photo Courtesy: A1 Bakery
A small establishment on Hill Road, Bandra, A1 Bakery has been a local favourite since the 1950s. Like most traditional bakeries in Mumbai, A1 is the most busy during Christmas, drawing in herds of crowds for their traditional plum cake which has remained unchanged for years. Soft and fresh, these plum cakes are perfect for an evening snack and are quite a hit among Mumbaikars. Pro tip: if you want to get your hands on some delicious cake, then you’ll have to show up as early as 6 am!
Address: 89 B, Hill Rd, near Holy Family Hospital, Ranwar, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050
Baker’s Dozen
Baker's Dozen 
Photo Courtesy: Baker’s Dozen
All year round, Baker’s Dozen offers a delicious selection of cakes and bakes. Keeping up with the spirit of Christmas, the place is offering a classic and authentic version of the plum cake. Rich yet light in favour and texture, the recipe combines the richness of plum fruits soaked in alcohol and spices with the moist cake making for a perfect festive snack.
Price: ₹495/- Order here
ITC Grand Central
ITC Grand Central
Photo Courtesy: ITC Grand Central
Staying true to tradition, ITC Grand Central’s Christmas offerings includes a traditional Christmas fruit cake. Calling it The Tinsel, the cake is made with soaked, matured fruit like plums and raisins and a variety of nuts. Light and fruity yet rich and nutty, the cake is perfect for those who enjoy the authentic flavour of a traditional Christmas cake.
To order call 022 2410 1010
JW Marriott Bengaluru
JW Marriott Bengaluru
Photo Courtesy: JW Marriott Bengaluru
In time for Christmas JW Marriott Bengaluru, curated a rich and luxurious plum cake loaded. Made with a medley of dried fruits, spices and a host of premium spirits, the traditional plum cake goes well with an evening cup of tea or a glass of wine for a more intense experience.
Price: ₹2,450/-
To order call 080671 89999
JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar
JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar
Photo Courtesy: JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar
A famous Scottish delicacy, the Dundee Cake is a huge part of Christmas traditions around the world. Carrying that tradition, JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar’s sweet curation is a moist and delicious Dundee cake baked with almonds, oranges, and raisins. The cake is wrapped with marzipan and topped with adorable Christmas elements to highlight the joys of the season.
To order, call 022 6882 8888
Kyani & Co., Marine Lines
Kyani & Co., Marine Lines
Photo Courtesy: Kyani & Co., Marine Lines
A beloved Irani spot in the heart of Mumbai, Kyani is a 100-year-old bakery best known for its spread of sweet offerings. From gooey pastries and cashew candies to the beloved mawa cakes, Kyani & Co. offers options aplenty for those looking for their dessert fix. During Christmas, the bakery is buzzing with people trying to get their hands on some traditional plum cake, a homemade curation that is sweet, hearty and delicious.
Address: Jer Mahal Estate, 657, Jagannath Shankar Seth Rd, opp. Metro Inox Theatre, Dhobi Talao, Marine Lines, Mumbai 400002
Photo Courtesy: Moner
In addition to their many sweet offerings for the season of Christamas, Moner’s Christmas menu also includes a Dundee cake. A traditional Scottish fruit cake, the cake is baked with rum-soaked raisins and nuts for warm kick. It is then topped with blanched almonds, which complements the almond flour used in the cake, to bring out a rich nutty flavour.
Price: ₹2500/-
To order call +91 7770014123
Photo Courtesy: Sequel
Stcking with tradition for Christmas, Sequel’s Chef Vanika Choudhary whipped up a traditional Christmas fruit cake for the festive season. It is made with fruits and nuts pre-soaked in cognac for a little over a year. What makes the cake so special is its list of unique ingredients, in particular Bansi wheat, sourced from Katol near Nagpur and sweetened with raw sugar.
To order call 022 2265 9000 or 075064 77710
The St. Regis Mumbai
The St. Regis Mumbai 
Photo Courtesy: The St. Regis Mumbai
Sweet, warm and decadent, The St Regis Mumbai’s Christmas fruit cake is to die for. Combinging tradition with contemporary flavours, the cake is loaded with dry fruits, nuts and aromatic spices. Then it is layered with marzipan, and topped with fruit like apricots, dates, figs along with whole spices like cinnamon and star anise.
To order call 022 61628422
Vienna Bakery, Santacruz
Vienna Bakery,
Photo Courtesy: Vienna Bakery,
Every Mumbaikar has heard of the popular outlet that is Vienna Bakery. People from all over the city come here to try and get their hands on the bakery’s traditional plum cakes that sell within minutes. A great plus point is that you can even find an eggless version of the sweet plum cake at Vienna. While there you can also try out some of the other traditional fare like their dry fruit cakes, banana wafers, croissants, rolls, and pastries, among others.
Address: Church, 125, Vakola Pipe Lane, behind Saint Anthony Road, Siddharath Nagar, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400055
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