Look forward to these K-Dramas and movies releasing this year

Jade Crasto
Fans are excited to see what the Korean TV/Film business has to offer as the popularity of many different genres of Korean dramas and films continues to grow each year. In 2022, the Korean film and entertainment industry blessed us with some amazing dramas like Money Heist: Korea- Joint Economic Area, All of us are dead, Big Mouth, heart-throbbing romances like The Red Sleeve, Business Proposal, Extraordinary Attorney Woo and Forecasting Love and Weather. While we’re all upset that most of these shows are over, fear not as 2023 will be offering K-drama fans a whole new list of shows to add to their watchlist. Scroll down to find out which new shoes and movies you need to your watchlist.
Gyeongseong Creature
The intriguing brand-new historical Korean drama series Gyeongseong Creature is currently in production at Netflix. Gyeongseong Creature, starring Han So Hee from My Name and Park Seo Joon from Itaewon Class, will be available on Netflix sometime in 2023. The thriller series involves people facing off against terrifying creatures that originated from human greed. In the city of Gyeongseong (the old name for Seoul), in the spring of 1945. Park Seo Joon will be playing the male protagonist, Jang Tae Sang and Han So Hee will play the female protagonist, Yun Chae Ok.
Our Blooming Youth
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“Our Blooming Youth,” is about a prince who is under a strange curse and a brilliant woman who is charged with killing her family members. As the male lead defends the female lead from her false charge and the female lead defends the male lead from his curse, their romance blooms. Park Hyung Sik portrays Crown Prince Lee Hwan in, and Jeon So Nee plays Min Jae Yi, a genius woman.
It is set to premiere on February 6th, 2023 at 8:50 PM, KST.
Crash Course in Romance

The new romantic drama “Crash Course in Romance” on tvN stars Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho. The drama will focus on the warm yet chilly, charming yet exciting tale of characters who must contend with the admission tests’ relentless competition. The drama centers on a bittersweet controversy involving a great teacher in Korea’s top private school sector and an owner of a side dish shop who joins the realm of admission examinations late.

The webtoon ‘The Girl Downstairs’ by Songah Min serves as the foundation for the show. The show centers on Joon (Yang), who, on his first day of college, moves into a new apartment. He finds out that Lee Doo-na (Bae), the former lead vocalist of a well-known idol group, is residing downstairs after she declares her student retirement. Joon initially tries to avoid her, but he can’t help but become increasingly intrigued by her.

Phantom opens with five Koreans being detained as suspects in the region of Gyeongseong for being “Phantom,” a spy for an anti-Japanese organization during the Japanese occupation of the Korean Peninsula in 1933. They are taken to a far-off, quiet hotel for questioning. The five people are then given the option to either prove their innocence or come forward with information on the real phantom if they want to be released from prison. The star-studded cast consists of Park So Dam from Parasite, Lee Ha Nee, and Park Hae Soo. The movie is set to release on January 18th.
The Point Men

In the movie “The Point Men,” a diplomat and a local National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent travel to Afghanistan to negotiate the release of South Korean hostages who had been kidnapped and held hostage by the Taliban. The real-life hostage scenario in 2007, when a group of South Korean Christian missionaries were kidnapped in the Middle East, served as the inspiration for the Korean film.

It’s the 22nd century, and things are grim. Earth has become inhospitable due to climate change, therefore people have created a man-made shelter in order to survive. In the middle of the dire circumstances, war breaks out inside the shelter. Those in charge try to clone Jung Yi, an exceptional mercenary, in order to win the battle. The dystopian sci-fi film “Jung E” will be released on January 20 and is directed by the directors of “Train to Busan” and “Hellbound.”

In addition to being a well-known actor, Park Gang (Kwon Sang Woo) is known for creating scandals. When he had all but given up hope that things could get any better, he discovers that they have changed. He awakens on Christmas Day to discover that his life has changed. He has a wife and two children and is not an actor. He discovers that Jo Yoon (Oh Jung Se), his former manager, is currently the most successful actor in the business.
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