Luxury cruise ships for a summer voyage

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With restrictions lifting, everyone’s looking to head out this summer. If you’re looking for a unique holiday experience, then a luxury cruise is exactly what you need. Sailing the expansive ocean, a cruise is an ideal way to escape the scorching summer heat and explore your favourite destinations in a whole new experience. While cruise ships are extremely popular in the west, they have certainly gained popularity in India as well.  
Picking the best itineraries, here are seven of the most luxurious cruises that begin their voyage from India.  
Angriya Cruise: Mumbai-Goa via Konkan Coast
Angriya Cruise
Photo Courtesy: Angriya Cruise
India’s first-ever domestic cruise, Angriya is a 7-deck luxury cruise that tours from Mumbai to Goa along the Konkan Coast. The cruise line was founded in 2018 and was India’s very first domestic cruise. Angriya further laid the ground for other domestic cruise liners in the country. Travelling along the pristine Konkan coast, Angriya passes through some of the royal historic forts along with other spectacular sights along the way.  
Price: ₹15,000++ per person onwards Book Here 
Cordelia Cruises: Mumbai-Kochi-Lakshadweep-Mumbai
Cordelia Cruises
Photo Courtesy: Cordelia Cruises
A premium cruise liner, Cordelia Cruises was initiated by Waterways Leisure Tourism Pvt Ltd offering varied cruise tours anywhere between two to seven nights. Among these, their most popular tour is the five-night Lakshadweep cruise which departs from Mumbai travelling to Kochi and then Lakshadweep, before making its way back to Mumbai. Throughout the cruise, travellers will get to sail the high seas and explore the infamous Lakshadweep islands with activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, and kayaking, and explore the quaint but charming Kochi fort village and Dutch Palace, in addition to the many onboard excursions and entertainment.  
Price: ₹75,576++ per person onwards Book Here
Uniworld Cruise: Delhi-Kolkata 
Uniworld Cruise
Photo Courtesy: Uniworld Cruise
A luxury river cruise ship, Uniworld’s Ganges Voyager II is a 17-day cruise from Delhi to Kolkata. Built in 2016, the Ganges Voyager II has a total of 28 rooms and suites, all of which have been heavily inspired by the scenery in India. While the main tour focuses on Kolkata and the neighbouring cities, guests can opt for a pre-cruise extension touring the cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Although a luxury river cruise, Ganges Voyager II is the best way to explore the colourful culture of India in the most authentic way exploring everything from 19th-century temples and historic museums to French colonial buildings and local villages displaying their crafts.  
Price: ₹72,000++ per person onwards Book Here
Celebrity Cruises: Mumbai – Singapore
Celebrity Cruises
Photo Courtesy: Celebrity Cruises
An award-winning cruise liner headquartered in Miami, Celebrity Cruises offers extraordinary excursions in regions across the globe. The cruise line promises the best culinary and hospitality experience. Their Spice Route excursion is particularly popular, as it travels to some of the most vibrant East Asian countries like India, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. The Celebrity Millennium ship will tour gems like Mumbai’s Elephanta Caves, Yala National Park in Hambantota, Buddhist temples in Penang and some of the most exotic beaches in Phuket.  
Price:105,584++ per person onwards Book Here
Costa Cruises: Mumbai – Maldives
Costa Cruises
Photo Courtesy: Costa Cruises
One of the most sought after destinations in the world, Maldives is a rather difficult destination to get to, having to switch between multiple air rides. However, the elite destination now calls for a more enticing experience with Costa Cruises. The luxury cruise liner’s Costa neoClassica ship will travel from Mumbai to Male, Maldives. The 7-day cruise will allow guests to experience the shimmering ocean in one of the most riveting ways, exploring the islands and the riveting lagoons surrounding the Maldives.  
Price: ₹49,500++ per person onwards Book Here
Oceania Cruises: Mumbai – Bangkok
Oceania Cruises
Photo Courtesy: Oceania Cruises
Another award-winning cruise line, Oceania Cruises is among the world’s leading cruise liners with excursions to over 450+ destinations. Hallmarks of Oceania are their wellness-inspired spa and vitality centre along with a host of entertainment experiences on board. Their Nautica cruise ship was refurbished in 2020 and is one of the most luxurious cruise ships. A 14-day voyage from Mumbai to Bangkok, the ship will tour pristine locations in India like Goa, Cochin and Mangalore, cruising the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea to popular destinations like Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and finally Bangkok.  
Price: ₹362,187++ per person onwards Book Here 
Viking Cruises: Mumbai – Athens
Viking Cruises
Photo Courtesy: Viking Cruises
A 21-day cruise along 6 countries, Viking Cruises’ Passage to India excursion traces the routes of the earliest merchants from Greece to India, exploring the historic treasures and ancient civilizations of Greece, Israel, Egypt and Jordan. Explore ancient treasures like the Temple of Zeus in Athens, the Sakkara Step Pyramid in Egypt, the historic city of Salālah in Oman and the legendary 13th-century frankincense route among other remarkable historic gems.  
Price: ₹603,044++ per person onwards Book Here
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