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February 22, 2024

Rolls-Royce unveils Ghost Extended for Rs7.95 crore

Luxury automaker Rolls-Royce (RR) has unveiled its newest sedan Ghost Extended, which is an enhanced version of the new Ghost that was launched in September first week. This newer model comes with additional space in the rear seats; it is 170mm longer than Ghost.
Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended
Retaining the Ghost’s minimalist styling, only the rear door is extended and the body around the openings. This has cloaked the extra length and preserved the lines of the car. With a wheelbase of 3,465mm, it is equipped with 71hp, 6.75-litre twin-turbocharged V12 petrol engine.
Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended
For the first time in an RR sedan, a reclining serenity seat option in the rear is available, which offers comfort similar to that of a business jet cabin environment. It also has a champagne fridge between the rear seats. As the optimum serving temperatures of non-vintage champagne bottles is around six degrees centigrade and vintage champagne bottles is around 11 degrees centigrade, the fridge operates on two cooling modes.
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Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended
A new Micro-Environment Purification System (MEPS) has been installed by the luxury carmaker. This technology enhances existing air filtration systems—highly sensitive Impurity Detection Sensors detect ambient air quality, which then automatically activates fresh air intakes into Recirculation Mode; and if unacceptable levels of airborne contaminants are detected, then the air is passed through a nanofleece filter that is capable of removing almost all ultra-fine particles in the cabin in less than two minutes.
Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended
Other featured include laser headlights with more than 600m of illuminated range, vision assist with day and night-time wildlife and pedestrian warning, alertness assistant, a four-camera system with panoramic view, all round-visibility and helicopter view, active cruise control, collision warning, cross-traffic warning, lane departure and lane change warning and 7×3 high definition head-up display and self-park.
Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended
“New Ghost is the result of in-depth dialogue with Rolls-Royce’s diverse and global customer base. Many of them asked the marque to create a motor car that provides the indulgence of enhanced rear space within the interior suite with no compromise to driving dynamics,” said Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.
The uber-luxe sedan will be available in India in 2021 and is priced at Rs 7.95 crore.
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