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May 18, 2024

Glass-blowing at the Rural Modern Glass Studio

Jade Crasto
When it comes to decorating homes, lighting plays a very important role. Some prefer large and extravagant light fixtures whilst others prefer to go the minimalist way. The perfect fixture for your space can tie up your entire room’s aesthetics together.
Arjun Rathi & Ismail Plumber – Co-Founders, Rural Modern Glass Studio
But lighting or light fixtures also have a very important component that makes them look wonderful and stunning. This component is Glass! Now, have you ever wondered how the glass incorporated in magnificent chandeliers or quirky lamps are made? To find out, we headed down to The Rural Modern Glass Studio.
The studio was founded by Arjun Rathi and Ismail Plumber who have their expertise in Lighting Design & Glass Blowing respectively.
The first art-glass studio in India, it practices glass blowing and other glass production techniques to produce glass art, tableware, lighting, furniture and accessories. The studio also teaches open glass as a material to the Indian design and glass enthusiast community through workshops and provides production support for custom glassware.
Experience Glass Blowing
Table Decor
Located next to Mumbai-based architect and light-designer Arjun Rathi’s ‘The Lighting Gallery’ in Chembur, the Rural Modern Glass studio houses various artists to help democratize and build a culture of art-glass in India.
The 10-01 exhibition from July 25-August 8 showcased at the venue to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of Arjun Rathi Design, as well as the inauguration of the Rural Modern Glass Studio, housed a selected body of works by designers Brent Sheehan, Jeremiah Jacobs, Anjali Singh, Tim Soluna, and Matt Piepenbrock and indigenous artists Ajay Kumar and Kahahaiya Singh.
Photo Courtesy: Rural Modern Glass Studio
At the studios’ launch, LuxeBook had the opportunity to experience a live glass blowing. The experience was conducted by Matt Piepenbrock, a resident artist at the studio. Piepenbrock walked the audience through the entire process of glass-making and glass-blowing. What started off as a ball of basically molten lava, turned into a beautiful red vase minutes later. The art of glass-making and glass-blowing is a very intricate and patient process. Timing and teamwork are the most important when it comes to this art. The team must have good synergy in order to make a piece. Piepenbrock along with two other artists showed us how communication and synergy can result in making a perfect piece. Another important aspect is the tools that they use. Piepenbrock said that most artists make their own tools according to their own preferences.
Photo Courtesy: Rural Modern Glass Studio
Glass-making is no easy feat. Artists have to work with fire temperatures that go up to more than 1,000 degrees.
Huge detailed pieces can take hours or even days to make, and if you make one small mistake, you’ll have to start all over again.
A visit to the Rural Modern Glass Studio is a great experience for design enthusiasts. You can head over there on a weekend with your friends or family to unwind and make some wonderful art that can be used to decorate your home!
For updates on workshops at  Rural Modern Glass Studio you can follow their page on Instagram.
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