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May 18, 2024

Shantnu and Nikhil bring fashion and cricket together in India

Arushi Sakhuja
Athleisure has become the preferred choice for many, and while years ago the trickle-up effect of fashion was belittled, in the recent past it has seen more acceptance.
With street style and athleisure taking over the collection for many brands — and for some even being a stand-alone line — it’s evident that their sports and fashion have been fused together. While India jumped on the bandwagon a little later, today the trend is omnipresent.
However, a recent development in the country has been ace designers venturing into sportswear clothing.
In a country crazy about sports, manufacturing sports goods and athletic wear is a lucrative business. This has given rise to the need for luxury homegrown designers to foray into the world of sports. While younger homegrown labels like SIX5SIX are giving sportswear the edge by designing jerseys for IPL teams. This season, ace designers Shantnu and Nikhil have taken the game up a notch.
Shantnu Nikhil Cricket Club
Photo Courtesy: Shantnu And Nikhil Cricket Club
On November 17, designer duo Shantnu and Nikhil launched a new line fusing the trend of fusing sports and fashion. Best known for its unmatched and unconventional couture, it is the first design house in India to present a brand that embraces the spirit of cricket in a unique amalgamation of sport with the designers’ signature fashion forms — Shantnu Nikhil Cricket Club. “Cricket was always a binding factor in our country. As a sport, it has united people amongst all biases and odds. There is an emotional connection that cricket holds and it keeps deepening with each match, each new player that steps onto the ground,” shared the duo. Further speaking about the inspiration they said, “We wanted to bring in this emotional nostalgia with the fashion force. As designers, it’s our duty to evoke expression via the art we master in. Fashion has always been a part of sports, we’ve just stirred away from the conventional route of sportswear and ventured into a direction none of the Indian designers have taken yet.”
Photo Courtesy: Shantnu And Nikhil Cricket Club
Photo Courtesy: Shantnu And Nikhil Cricket Club
Photo Courtesy: Shantnu And Nikhil Cricket Club
Sports as a lifestyle trend evokes emotions, be it football fans, die-hard tennis lovers or those who enjoy cricket. “SNCC is an aspirational lifestyle, it’s a culture we are empowering, where cricket is not just looked at as a part of conversations but also celebrated as a lifestyle. The collection introduces the batsman logo that symbolizes the spirit of achievement, the will to strive forward and a sense of unity.”
 Shantnu And Nikhil Cricket Club
Photo Courtesy: Shantnu And Nikhil Cricket Club
With this, the designers are bringing back an old trend that champions sports-inspired fashion, not simply athleisure, but going beyond the realm of gym wear. “We in believe the timelessness of fashion, and that classic trends always make a comeback. During the late 90s, fashion was all about relaxed fits and street casual with a dash of glamour in it. Shantnu & Nikhil, as a brand, always carried that regality of vintage in its essence and that is what we are bringing back with Shantnu Nikhil Cricket Club. Millennials and Gen Z are all about comfort and styling, which is also the reason street style has been a major trend in the past seasons. Designers, such as us, have to read the style sensibilities of the patrons and explore the creativity with them in mind.”
Photo Courtesy: Shantnu And Nikhil Cricket Club
The contemporary lineup preserves the game’s nostalgic and yet stylistic silhouettes on season-friendly fabrics like flat knit and premium silks. Crisp athletic-chic-inspired details, that bring together style with function are a key highlight. From essential sartorial pieces like the genteel retro-doused varsity jackets, suave crested sweatshirts, and sweater vests, to classic and yet elevated cropped polos to classic pick-me-up accessories – neckerchiefs, sneakers, bucket hats, belts; SNCC infiltrates the modern-day wardrobe with a vision of easygoing everyday dressing.
Speaking about the future of the brand the duo told Luxebook, “SNCC is a new brand concept and we definitely envision it gaining momentum with a larger format. We are already venturing into an extended vertical of SNCC with a vast range of accessories which includes bags.”
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