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July 18, 2024

The perfect desk for your home office

Schenelle Dsouza
Our home offices are in use every day once again, thanks to different offices shifting online in the wake of Omicron cases all over the country. If you have been working from your dining table or looking to upgrade to your own home office, read on.
Several studies in the past two years have shown positive results on productivity while working from home, including one by Stanford University, which claims that a worker’s productivity can increase by 13 per cent. People’s at-home workspace has seen more renovation in the past two years, than any other space. Having a dedicated space to work really helps to declutter the mind and focus.
The first and most important step to designing your home office is finding the right furniture, that is your work desk.
If you’re unsure about what to get, here are some of the trends to look out for.
1. Minimalism 
Minimalist office spaces are often popular for home offices, mainly because they appear to be so elegant and clean. Simple decor in neutral tones with a basic but reliably sturdy desk offers the decluttered ambience people need to feel a sense of calm and focus when they work.
BoConcept Cupertino Desk 
Bo Concept
Photo Courtesy: BoConcept
BoConcept’s Cupertino desk is one of the most simplistic yet innovative designs. The desk combines workspace and storage in a perfect home office solution. While it is a simple tabletop desk, the desk offers a handful of compartments that allow you to keep your workspace clutter-free.
Price: ₹148,950/-  Buy Here
Orange Tree Toshi Study Table
Orange Tree
Photo Courtesy: Orange Tree
A chic work desk from Orange Tree’s latest Toshi collection, this beautifully simple desk marries cement— the raw material used in its construction with acacia wood to create a design that is futuristic, modern and chic. With cement inlay and metal legs with a brass finish, the work desk comes with two drawers for storage purposes.
Price: ₹27,599/- Buy Here
Sunday Harper Desk 
Photo Courtesy: Sunday
Built to highlight the beauty of natural wood, the Harper desk is in a contemporary design with clean lines. With enough storage for your essentials and metal accents that add a bit of flair, this desk is versatile enough for any space.
Price: ₹85,000/- Buy Here
2. Modern
Modern desks are a popular pick for most people because of how they are designed. A wider table with more storage space is ideal for people who like everything they need to be right in front of their eyes, or within arm’s reach.
Iqrup + Ritz Christie 
Iqrup + Ritz
Photo Courtesy: Iqrup + Ritz
Iqrup + Ritz’s Christie’s desk is a contemporary marvel. Elegant structure with an art deco theme, the desk was created with an intent of one that would resemble the 1920’s detective Agatha Christie’s workspace. Available in 26 polish finishes, the desk comes with ample storage space with three drawers, a shelf and a quirky pencil case atop the desk.
Price: ₹133,240/- Buy Here
Photo Courtesy: Rosabagh
A teakwood handcrafted office table with a glass top, this modern desk from Rosabagh is perfect for those who enjoy spacious workstations. Moreover, there’s enough space for one to also decorate it further with planters, holders and bookends.
Price on request 
Sage Living Urban Console
Sage Living
Photo Courtesy: Sage Living
Sophistication meets timelessness in this Urban Console desk by Sage Living. Featuring a leather-clad top, the desk is held together in a geometric metal frame. With three front drawers and adequate leg space, this console is handcrafted and high on craftsmanship.
Price: ₹104,375/- Buy Here
3. Traditional
Traditional furniture has officially made its way back into modern homes. Rich wooden structures in a bulky yet structured pattern, a traditional wooden desk is probably the most reliable in terms of sturdiness.
Artisera Writing Table
Photo Courtesy: Artisera
Artisera’s traditional writing table is an ode to the classical European styles, with its nuanced and intricate craftsmanship. Made with traditional elmwood, the desk is decorated with subtle floral patterns and intricately carved brass elements on the drawers, sides and legs of the table giving it a royal, vintage theme.
Price: ₹82,600/- Buy Here
Savana Living Solomon Desk
Savana Living 
Photo Courtesy: Savana Living
A very traditional piece, the Solomon Desk is designed with a combination of mango and acacia wood. With five draws and two shelves concealed behind a cane door, the desk provides oodles of space behind its elegant exterior. The cane door can be swapped for an optional wood panelled door as well.
Price: ₹64,900/- Buy Here
4. Functional 
For those without a separate study or home office, functional desks are the best buy. Built as a shelf or a wall structure that doubles up as a work desk, these are ideal for smaller spaces as they take up a lot less space, therefore refraining from looking crampy.
Bent Chair Maddox Study Table
Bent Chair
Photo Courtesy: Bent Chair
Carved entirely out of Steam Beech Wood, the Maddox Study Table is a contemporary design study table with a black high gloss and espresso finish. While the overall design is quite simplistic, brass accents under the base add a hint of sophisticated luxury.
Price on request Buy Here
Chalk Studio 
Chalk Studio 
Photo Courtesy: Chalk Studio
This beautiful wall-mounted study desk is designed with the dresser in one line to make the most of the space. The fixed study table comes with plug points to the left, and drawers for storage on the right. The neutral tones of the fixture provide a peacefully balanced environment that is ideal for a home workspace.
Price on request 
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