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May 18, 2024

Add luxury to your sleep routine with these exquisite bedding collections

Schenelle Dsouza
Renowned luxury lifestyle brands in India redefine the phrase ‘sleep like a king’ with their new luxe bedding collections. LuxeBook speaks to the brands about their collections that can help you get that beauty sleep.
Tanya P – Founder, Bedlam
BEDLAM was founded by Tanya P. out of her love for design. Tanya had realised that most lifestyle stores in India focused on heavy prints and bright colours, without relaying any information about the thread count, product material among other considerations. And so, she decided to move away from the typical ethnic and kitschy design trends — resulting in the launch of BEDLAM in December 2019, which is solely an online company. Additionally, it also caters to international markets in the US and UK.
Some of their most popular collections include their latest monogram collection and pure linen. The monogram collection is woven from high-quality long-staple cotton with 1000 thread count. The bedding set has a beautiful sateen finish, while the pillows have elegant satin borders that epitomise luxury. The linen collection is made of 100 per cent European Flax, sourced from Belgium and France, and then woven in India.
Bedlam Monogram Collection
Bedlam also launched PURE, an Antiviral bedding collection treated with HeiQ Viroblock textile technology that has been tested as being effective in granting protection against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus responsible for COVID-19). BEDLAM has thus paved the way when it comes to bedding options that are of an international standard and aesthetic.
Now, BEDLAM plans to launch an accessory section to complement their existing products as well as baby bedding options that will be certified organic and true to their current design scheme.
Boutique Living
Mr. Rajiv Merchat, President Retail Development, Boutique Living
Boutique Living is a premium lifestyle brand built under the exemplary leadership of Mohit Jain, Executive Vice Chairman of Indo Count Industries Limited. Their collection of refined quality bedding promises comfort and ease to customers.
Boutique Living has revolutionized the industry with its collections that have the ability to tell a story. Their unique “Innovations First” approach promises premium quality bedding made from organic cotton.
Some of their best collections include the Metamorph Collection with four different bedding styles, Her Highness Collection with premium high thread count, The Untamed Collection with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties and the Habitat Collection, made using 100 per cent organic cotton.
Boutique Living Topaz Collection
Their latest collection—Topaz is designed to detox your mind, so that you wake up feeling balanced and rejuvenated from a good night’s rest. A range of ombres distinctly designed for urban homes, the collection comes in 100 % cotton textured herringbone fabric with a thread count of 300, making it voluminous and comfortable. The range is available in refreshing tones of aqua, coral, beige, grey and blue.
Ina Arora – Product Development Head, D’Décor
D’Décor is a ‘globally local’ brand that is among the world’s largest makers of soft furnishing fabrics.
Founded in 1999, the brand has an extensive range of coordinated bed linen collections. For consumers with a refined aesthetic palette, they are also offering premium embroidered bedding collections in contemporary and ethnic themes.
Some of their most popular luxury bedding collections include Luxury Comforters which feature a range of carefully quilted intricate patterns with an antibacterial finish, Trousseau II which is a collection of bed sheets, pillow covers, duvet covers and sham covers, and Lifestyle Bedding Set which is made in 100% cotton percale for a crisp feel.
D’Décor Enigma Stonewash
Their latest collection, ‘Decorative Bedspread’, features 16 exclusive designs, across a decorative bedspread, two shams and two quilted pillow covers with an antibacterial finish that provide built-in freshness, protection and reduction of the growth of unwanted bacteria to keep fabric lasting longer.
The theme of this collection was to offer a product specially curated to highlight exquisite floral and classical design language translated to bedspreads making these the epitome of luxurious bedding. The collection is made using organic cotton and a blend of viscose redefining softness and comfort.
Eris Home
Sanjana Lunia, Founder and Creative Head of Eris Home
Eris Home, a soft furnishings brand was born in 2021 out of a vision to transform the idea of modern-day luxury in unison with nature. Eris Home believes in sustainable and synergic living, with a cruelty-free vision.
Their fabrics are woven using Eri Silk also known as ‘Ahimsa Silk’, which, unlike conventional sericulture practices, is consciously extracted from open-mouthed cocoons allowing silkworms to hatch organically.
Among their most popular collections is the ‘Mineral Palette’— a range of cotton and silk-blend bedcovers. What makes this collection stand out is that it emulates the properties of the namesake mineral. For instance, the ‘Rose Quartz’ bedcover is powder pink and is said to channelize the calming properties of a Rose Quartz. Its refined quality, soothing array of colours, and fuss-free maintenance all contributed to the success of this collection.
Eris Home Cocooned in Luxury
Eris Home’s latest collection titled, ‘Cocooned in Luxury’ features Ahimsa Silk jacquard bed and cushion covers made with the finest and most sustainably sourced Assamese silk yarns. The collection is inspired by the beautiful creations of nature. For instance, the ‘Sandhills’ bedcover is evidently inspired by the ebbs and flow of dessert sand which creates a unique fleeting impression.
Arun Garg – Founder, Maishaa
A brand of luxury home textiles ideal for the modern lifestyle, Maishaa was conceptualized by Arun Kumar Garg in 2007, with the belief that the pleasure of living can be enlivened by the “passion for life”. The brand’s core philosophy is to create products that enhance the passion of each individual.
Maishaa’s most popular collection is the Silkaline Collection. It is made from 100% ultra-fine quality Egyptian cotton and woven to produce a satin finish, with a 1200 thread count per 10 sq. cm. Available in four designs and four colours, these king-sized sheets are not only extremely soft on the skin but also give a very luxurious feel to the interiors.
Maishaa Silkaline Collection
Their latest collection is the Rejuvenate Collection. A 2-in-1 Fitted Sheet Cum Mattress Protector, the collection comprises of waterproof fitted bed sheets made from 100% cotton that is treated for antivirus, with anti-bacteria, odourless, anti-fungi and no dust mites formula. Wrapped in a lovely cloth packing, it protects your bed and your health.
Considering how difficult it is during the pandemic to go looking for refined fabrics, Maishaa’s collection offers a wide range of the latest textures and colours along with varied prints.
Sarita Handa
Suparna Handa – Managing Director, Sarita Handa
Sarita Handa’s journey began in 1992 as an export design house. The brand launched the retail stores in 2012. And their range of Bed and Bath, Furniture, Linen, Fabrics and Décor can be currently found across stores in New Delhi as well as Mumbai, along with online options.
The most popular collections of Sarita Handa are their bedding collections made of 100% cotton. The main themes of these collections surround fine embroidery, florals and Mother Nature in white and neutral colour palettes giving it a western vibe.
Their latest Spring Summer Collection was inspired from flora, fauna and botanicals in sync with the vibe of the spring-summer as well as the monsoon season. The hues in the latest collection included fresh pastels ranging from olives to light blues to a sage green, buttercup yellow and many more. “The Cotton Voile BedSpreads” from the latest collection really blossomed. Their quilted blanket collection includes Turkish Suzani, Kantha Melange and Spring Love Ivory Cotton Quilted Bedspreads made from 100 per cent cotton.
Sarita Handa Mother of Nature Collection
The upcoming collection lined up in the truest Sarita Handa signature will focus on more abstract as well as modern designs using graphic lines and geometric shapes along with a lot of patchworks that are tonal as well as neutral. The new collection will focus more on the modern side showcasing the brand’s take on it.
Kabir Siddiq – Founder & CEO, SleepyCat
SleepyCat was the pioneer of the mattress-in-a-box concept in India, in 2017. Their mattresses are compressed, rolled, and shipped straight to your door in a box that is easy to handle. SleepyCat has grown into a complete sleep-solutions brand that not only provides mattresses but also other bedding essentials that add luxury to your sleep routine. We do not have any physical stores; we are a completely online brand.
Their best-selling products include a plush 8” SleepyCat Plus Mattress, reversible comforters (all dual-sided, and come in gorgeous colours) and Aloe Vera Gel Memory Foam pillows.
Their most recent launch is the Weighted Blanket. Part of SleepyCat’s premium consumer-first, authentic and purpose-driven products, these blankets are made with high-density glass beads that are virtually shatterproof, completely odourless, non-toxic and hypoallergenic, reducing any form of adverse effects on the environment. They offer both, deep stimulation and calmness with the use of an extraordinarily soft, snuggly, and highly durable surface.
SleepyCat Weighted Blanket
The luxuriously soft cover is 100% organic cotton, skin-friendly material suitable for all skin types. The outer layer of the Weighted Blanket maintains a free airflow so it never gets too warm while providing a feeling of relaxation with its brushed, soft feel. Each layer is carefully selected to prevent overheating at any point through the night.
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