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June 19, 2024

#Lockdown: Chef Hemant Oberoi has been cooking for his building’s watchmen and sweepers

Pooja Patel 

Hemant Oberoi, Chef & Owner, Hemant Oberoi Restaurant has been in the food & beverage industry for 45 years and is best known for introducing global cuisine to Indian diners.
While locked in, he has been writing his book and cooking for his building’s security guards.
What have you been cooking at home these days? 
I have been cooking simple meals. My wife and I are making food for the building’s watchmen and sweepers as they have nowhere else to get food from.
What are the three essential ingredients you use when you cook? 
Turmeric, ginger and lemon-based dishes and drinks. It helps boost immunity.
Once the lockdown ends, where would you like to go and eat? 
I would like to go back to my restaurant and start the service.
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Which Netflix series have you been watching?
I haven’t watched any series, but I did watch Ratatouille on Netflix and really enjoyed it!
Which food pages on Instagram do you follow for inspiration?
I have been following Eleven Madison Park and chef Daniel Humm. I love what he is sharing on his social media platforms.


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Are you pursuing any other hobbies?
I am currently working on completing my book.
What is your message for your followers?
Let’s remain positive and we will come out as winners
Once the lockdown is lifted, which place would you like to visit?  
Once the lockdown is lifted, I would love to go to the Golden Temple to thank God for saving lives and the world.
Source: Pexels
How will luxury consumption change in India and the world?
I think post lockdown, whenever it happens, there will be an economic slowdown and people will not spend too much on luxurious living for some time at least. Hotels and restaurants will take time to bounce back and, hopefully, the rentals will decrease.
Please share the recipe of your favourite dish?
Paneer Khatta Pyaz: Simply delicious, flavourful and can be made quickly.
Ingredients & quantity unit:
10 gms chaat masala
10 gms beetroot
50 gms pickled onions
5 dry red chillies
100 gms makhni sauce
100 gms Lahori gravy
20 gms coriander
5 gms kastoori methi
30 ml olive oil
500 gms cottage cheese
20 gms garlic
20 gms ginger
8 green chillies
10 gms cumin
4 pieces cardamom
Salt to taste
In a pan, pour some oil and sauté garlic, ginger and green chillies.
Add red chilly powder, Lahori gravy and paneer cubes.
Sprinkle the rest of the powdered masala.
Add the makhani, vinegar and shallots.
Adjust seasoning.
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