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June 21, 2024

Powai’s Finch has reopened with an exciting culinary mixology programme

Shivani Pathak
Powai’s upscale microbrewery, The Finch has made headlines for debuting the country’s first ‘Artisan Culinary Mixology’ programme, created by Asia culinary mixologist Ron Ramirez, called ‘Magician of Spirits’ and the ‘Alchemist of Asia’.
What was a bar theatre before the lockdown has now re-opened with a promise to offer an all-new experience of beverage concoctions.  to mix up some amazing cocktails and create a mixology menu.
Ron Ramirez
Ron Ramirez
Ramirez says that Culinary Mixology is the art of marrying existing mixology techniques with culinary art in order to create new and interesting cocktails and experiences. The novelty of creation and the new approach it brings to bartending is what attracted Ramirez to it. “It’s tedious work, it needs lots of patience and time and effort to create a culinary mixology programme, but I like it, it’s different, it gives me newer experiences, and opportunities to drink cocktails frequently!” he chimes in.
As a part of this programme, The Finch is launching different series – The Art Series featuring a repurposed version of Ramirez’s collection of Michelin star cocktails from around the world; The Ice Series comprises of unique fruit flavoured cocktails made from his technique of freezing a cube of ice to 32 degrees Fahrenheit while infusing it with flavourful elements, served over Gin & tonic; The Subzero Microbrewery menu infuses craft beer with subzero flavours while the Winter Series is a new edition of hot mixology. And all the teetotallers out there can pick their share of alcohol-free cocktails from their Zero Mixology menu.

The Finch

Ramirez’s favourite cocktail frbom the Art series happens to be the Box of Desire, which he says is like a Chinese noodle ox, “Just like how you eat out of the box, cocktails in this also come in a box, it’s like a magical box! And when I look at guests, they open the box and are so amazed because they’ve never seen a cocktail in a noodle box before. And also the infusion is such that it suits everyone’s palatte – not too strong, not too sweet, not too sour.”

Vanity + Truffle Mushroom Capp

On being asked why, according to him, India is the right place to introduce the programme now, he says “I don’t see many culinary mixology programmes happening in India and so I have taken the opportunity to introduce this concept. Also, India has a lot of spices, which will work well with mixology.”
For repurposing The Finch’s menu, Ramirez incorporated a lot of South East Asian fruits and local produce like apple, guava, jackfruit along with different types of spices including chili. His signature cocktail Bird Cage made of Blue Agave Spirit, Honey rosemary infusion, orange liqueur, grapefruit and Indian sweet lime is infused with two rocks of chili ice cubes, green and red each, so the more the ice melts, the hotter it gets.
The Finch Birdcage
The Finch Birdcage
And the innovations don’t just stop here. The Finch plans to bring to spirits enthusiast a lot more. “When we invite guests to step out now, it must be worth their time, money, effort, and risk,” says Sandeep Singh Katiyar, Director. “We are no longer just a brewery or high-end bar, we are a stage for gastronomical innovation. Patrons who now visit us will circumstance culinary and mixology artists at play, as they tease with experiences such as Guest Bartender Shifts with Asia’s TOP 50 bartenders, Friday Special Mixology Brunches, Mixology workshops and Chef’s Tables.”
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