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May 21, 2024

From snoods to medical covers, here’s how top airlines are ensuring your wellbeing

Muskaan Thakur
The pandemic-induced lockdown has given travel and hospitality companies enough time to gear up for the ‘new normal’, where travellers’ health is the top-most priority.
As domestic and international travel restrictions are being relaxed, top players in the aviation industry are starting operations again. However, there is no going back to the old ways. They have introduced enhanced protective measures to provide a worry-free travel experience.
Etihad Airways
Snood. Source: Etihad Airways
Snood. Source: Etihad Airways
Eithad Wellness is an initiative by Etihad Airways to provide a maximum level of safety. Other than adhering to the basic guidelines and regulations, they have appointed wellness ambassadors, a specially trained team, prepped with all the answers to your questions. Wellness kits including a face mask, gloves and hand gel are available onboard for all guests.
On August 4, Eithad made a premium addition to their wellness initiative. All First and Business class guests will be provided with innovative protective wear, the soft reusable snood. Treated with MicrobeBARRIER fabric treatment, this snood can be worn as a mask or even as a scarf around your neck. 
Travel Hygiene kits. Source: Instagram - Emirates
Travel Hygiene kits. Source: Instagram – Emirates
Enhanced cabin cleaning, thermal scanning for fever detection, complimentary travel hygiene kits consisting of face masks, gloves, anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitiser are some of the measures taken by Emirates. They have even modified their inflight products and services to offer guests complete peace of mind. The flights are equipped with advanced HEPA cabin air filters that are proven to filter out 99.99% of viruses. 
Emirates is also the first airline to provide its passengers with a free, global cover for COVID-19 medical expenses up to €150,000 and quarantine costs upto €100 per day for 14 days if they are diagnosed with the disease during their travel while being away from home.
Qatar Airways

Qatar has introduced new personal protective equipment (PPE) for guests and cabin crews. Complimentary protective kit to guests, disposable gowns and safety glasses for the crew and flights equipped with HEPA filters are some of the measures introduced by the airline. Business-class meals are served on a tray instead of a table with pre-wrapped cutlery. The onboard linen and blankets are washed, dried and pressed at a microbial lethal temperature to kill viruses and bacteria.
To provide a contact-less experience, Qatar announced the addition of new features to their mobile app on August 5. Guests can now select their preferred seat and meals in advance, check-in online, download their boarding pass to a mobile wallet and generate baggage tag to print and attach it to their luggage at home.
Source: Instagram - Lufthansa
Source: Lufthansa/ Instagram
Meanwhile. Lufthansa released a ‘walk-through‘ video for guiding guests on how to proceed with this new normal experience, They strongly recommend their guests to check-in digitally through the mobile app. Contactless self-service kiosks, limited use of the Lufthansa lounge and automatic boarding gates are some of the precautions implemented by the airline. 
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Korean Air
Care First. Source: Korean Air
Care First. Source: Korean Air
Korean Air has started a campaign called Care First to make air travel safer than ever. The aircrafts are being disinfected frequently with MD-125 cleanser. Further, effective air filters are being used. Cabin crew is equipped with advanced protective gear. Even hygiene standards for in-flight meals have become more stringent. 
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