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July 22, 2024

Learn design from Masaba Gupta, Abu-Sandeep and Rhea Kapoor with this new e-learning platform

Ruhi Gilder
Remember the first lockdown, April 2020, when netizens all over the world were cooped up at home; that’s when one witnessed a flurry of certifications pop up on LinkedIn. Nearly everyone participated in an e-learning course online. Coursera, edX, Masterclass, fuelled the empty hours we had in lieu of commute time.  
Now we have a new entrant in the digital education space, The Designer’s Class. It is founded by Edutechtionalists India Pvt. Ltd., a company started by entrepreneurs Samarth Bajaj, Adheesh Nahar and Vishal Bajaj. Sparked by the changes in the education system over the past two years, the trio wanted to enter the booming e-learning space. Identifying a void in e-learning specific to the design industry, they decided to launch The Designer’s Class. The courses will cover a range of design-related topics, including fashion, interior design, photography, makeup, UI/UX, fashion and fine jewellery. 
In conversation with LuxeBook, CEO and co-founder, Samarth Bajaj says that a good design education is a little tough to come by and available in only a few select cities of India. “We aim to change that, to democratise design education and make it available to you in the comfort of your home,” says the entrepreneur.  
Samarth Bajaj, CEO & Co Founder
Samarth Bajaj, CEO & Co-Founder
A definite attraction is the star-studded mentors that users can gain knowledge from. The first nine teachers are fashion design stalwarts, Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla, Masaba Gupta, Payal Singhal, Rhea Kapoor, Kunal Rawal, Arpita Mehta, Jayanti Reddy and Tanya Ghavri. 
The Designer’s Class is conceptualised to be consumed by anyone, from school children in the 6th grade, young adults working or studying in design-based industries, to homemakers who are passionate about learning design or even design entrepreneurs. The course format is a blend of academia and fun, with shorter binge-able lessons. 
One can learn the foundations of fashion and couture by Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla, who also talk about their life experiences as self-taught designers. As Sandeep confides, “You will learn about mine and Abu’s relationship, about how we always disagree.” 
Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla
Masaba Gupta explains, “One of the biggest challenges of Indian fashion is that most creative people don’t know how to run a business, and the business of fashion is very crucial.” To nurture entrepreneurs in designers, Gupta is teaching ‘Fashion Entrepreneurship, Textile Design, Portfolio Development for Grades 11th & 12th and Trend Forecasting’. 
Masaba Gupta for The Designers Class
Masaba Gupta for The Designers Class
Rhea Kapoor, the kingmaker behind the brand ‘Sonam Kapoor’, teaches ‘How to create a Fashion Brand and Upskilling Yourself on Urban Wear Street Style.’ Kapoor believes that while creating a brand, one must take a look into what you want to put out in the world. “Putting a brand out there is a lot of responsibility,” says Kapoor. 
Rhea Kapoor at the Zoya store, Palladium
Rhea Kapoor
‘Bespoke menswear, Garment Construction, Ethnic and Streetwear for Men’ is taught by a leading couturier, Kunal Rawal.
Kunal Rawal for The Designer's Class
Kunal Rawal for The Designer’s Class
Fashion designer Payal Singhal says “Lots of people ask, do you need to know how to stitch or draft a garment to be a designer? The answer is yes. If you don’t know what to expect from your tailor, how will you direct them?” says the designer. Budding designers can look to ‘Fashion Fundamentals and Drafting & Garment Construction’ by Singhal for technical know-how. 
Payal Singhal for The Designers Class 2
Payal Singhal for The Designers Class
Arpita Mehta, an ace at sketching says her drawings are a blueprint to her clothes and are exhaustively detailed. The designer sketches every single day, so it’s fitting that she teaches ‘Fashion Illustrations and Advance Portfolio Development.’  
Arpita Mehta for The Designers Class 2
Arpita Mehta for The Designers Class
A fashion designer by training, Tanya Ghavri, shares tips and tricks from her years in the industry of ‘Celebrity Styling.’ 
Tanya Ghavri for the Designers Class 2
Tanya Ghavri for the Designers Class
‘Sustainable Fashion’ is taught by Jayanti Reddy; who talks about how she repurposes waste to create handbags, potlis, belts, and lehenga latkans for her label.  
Jayanti Reddy
Subscribers will also have the opportunity to intern with the experts, get brand placements, and receive a certification signed by the designers themselves. To make the platform more accessible, the course content will be dubbed into 7 different languages including English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil and Bengali.  
By the end of 2022, The Designer’s Class plans on catering to 30 different design verticals; ranging from interior design, fashion, jewellery design, and photography, amongst others. Over the next couple of months, a comprehensive Interior Design course with Gauri Khan, a Photography course by Rohan Shreshta, a Wedding Photography course with Joseph Radhik, and a Fine Fashion Jewellery course with Kaabia & Sasha Grewal of Outhouse Jewellery will be launched. 
Users get 1-year access to the videos of any course that they sign up for and lifetime access to all the workbooks in that course. A year’s subscription costs Rs. 15,000. You can check out their website here 
Designers Class
(L to R)- Payal Singhal, Kunal Rawal, Sandeep Khosla, Anaita Shroff Adajania, Samarth Bajaj, Tanya Ghavri, Jayanti Reddy and Arpita Mehta
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