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May 21, 2024

#Lockdown: 5 ways to help your dog stay calm while locked inside the house

Riya Marwadi

Staying indoors for an extended period of time can drive anyone crazy, including our four-legged friends. It’s not unusual for your pets to stress out and bark non-stop or rip pillow covers apart! They suffer from anxiety disorders and restlessness as well. Here are 5 ways to help reduce your pet’s anxiety whilst stuck at home, as recommended by experts.
1. Train them yourself

This is a great opportunity for you to train your pets all by yourself, keeping them busy.
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2. Try new exercises with them

According to Canine expert Cesar Milan, exercising pets is very important as it keeps their body and minds healthy. Besides additional activities, he recommends walking your dog daily no matter what.
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3. Treat them to a massage 
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Who doesn’t love getting a massage? This will help ease their emotional traumas, reducing their stress levels. Laura Arseneau – a canine bodyworker and an animal practitioner – suggests that massage therapies also help build their immune system and lower their blood pressure. Here’s a short video on Dog Massage Techniques: How to Massage your Dog.
4. Music Therapy  
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Listening to music can be soothing for our pets too. Professor Lori Kogan et al. conducted a study on behavioural effects of auditory stimulation on dogs and found that listening to music also encourages them to bark less and helps them overcome other stressors such as loud noise, It also lowers their heart rate. Ranging from reggae to soft rock and classical music, they seem to enjoy every bit of it!
5. Remove triggers that may cause anxiety

Jessica, a famous pet sitter at, suggests that on an average, dogs expect from their human 1 to 2 hours of ‘undivided attention’ time. “This can be in the form of a walk, play, enrichment activities, training, or general cuddle time,” says Jessica. Sometimes all your pets may need is YOU!
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