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June 19, 2024

Lockdown: These mothers from the Indian luxury sector have the best advice for all working moms

Twinkle Dharmani

The unprecedented times that we are living in today have taken a toll on most of our emotional and mental health. Amidst all the madness, working mothers are fighting a battle, perhaps, a lot harder than most others, as they are juggling work, home and children with limited resources and while locked inside four walls. 
This Mother’s Day, on May 10, LuxeBook celebrates all the awesome moms of the luxury industry, salutes their work and talks to them about their work-from-home experience.
We also have clinical psychologist Pragati Sureka talk to us about what mothers can do to keep sane in these trying times.
Working moms in the lockdown
When asked what is one of the most challenging tasks she is dealing with today, Vinti Lodha of Lodha Luxury says, “Managing kids has been the most challenging task in the lockdown. From being their teacher to their friend and then trying to be someone who can balance everything in my own life and theirs has tested every little iota of patience that I possessed!”
Nikhila Palat with her daughter Nivaya
Nikhila Palat with her daughter Nivaya
As for Nikhila Palat, CEO of Katalyst Reputation Management, the task is to keep her ten-month-old daughter Nivaya busy and entertained. As Nikhila takes her along to the office and to meetings, Nivaya has gotten used to going to new places and meeting many people every day. The lockdown has trapped her inside the house. “It’s quite challenging to keep my highly social baby entertained now that we’re stuck indoors.” 
Self-care for mothers
When work-from-home has become the norm for all of us, it’s difficult to separate work life and personal life, and that can negatively affect productivity, says clinical psychologist Pragati Sureka. “Now, in this lockdown, just because you’re not commuting to work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow a set routine to help you ease into your responsibilities,” adds Sureka.
Pragati Surekha, Clinical Psychologist
Pragati Surekha, Clinical Psychologist
It becomes very important for all working mothers to smartly divide their time between house and work responsibilities while also ensuring that they take care of themselves.
Another advice that Surekha gives working mothers is to not feel pressurised by the online world or what others are doing.  “It doesn’t matter that Instagram is filled with so many fancy meals being prepared by various people. It is absolutely alright to not follow the bandwagon and instead, keep your meals simple in order to stay sane and feel healthy,” says Sureka.
Vinti Lodha
Vinti Lodha
Lodha stresses that as well.  “The only trick (to be sane) is to understand that there is no such thing as a perfect mom, so don’t get fooled by social media. Do your best and enjoy the process! We are trying to fit into many shoes, for which we are not trained, so be kind to yourself,” says Lodha.
Sureka also suggests that mothers take virtual breaks from time to time to enjoy breathtaking experiences like the virtual tours of the Yosemite National Park, the British Museum and also live stream the acts performed at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow- all from your living rooms.
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