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July 20, 2024

Magico’s giant M9 audio speakers, for $750,000, cost more than a Lamborghini car

At Magico, they take the audio experience seriously. Take for example, their floor-standing M6 speakers, launched in 2017, which retailed for a whopping $172,000. Now, breaking its own record, the brand recently revealed a new set of giant speakers, the Magico M9 model, which will set you back by a total of $750,000. That’s more than the cost of a Lamborghini!
Magico's flagship M9 speakers
Magico’s flagship M9 speakers
Magico Audio is a California-based high tech company known for its revolutionary loudspeaker designs. The brand has often been featured in several publications’ ‘most expensive’ lists of tech products. And, the new M9 speakers make for a perfect addition to these lists.
Coming back to its specifications, which make M9 the spectacular audio system that it is: The tower stands tall at over 6 ft. and weighs 454 kg.

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This four-way, six-driver floor standing, state-of-the-art system is the first in the world to install carbon fibre on its inner and outer skins combined with an aluminum honeycomb core. This enables the speakers to deliver an immaculate, vibration-free sound experience, despite M9’s colossal presence in a room.
Cutaway of the carbon fiber sandwich enclosure with Aluminum honeycomb core
Magico’s M9 also boasts of a new beryllium-diamond dome tweeter, which the brand claims is the world’s first such 28mm beryllium dome. Also included in this model are new generation Nano-Tec speaker cones, with honeycomb cores. These dynamic elements combined together guarantee a high-frequency reproduction of music that hits even the most intense crescendo with soft, extraordinary clarity.





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