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June 21, 2024

Micro-needling to thread lifts: What’s popular this wedding season

By Ismat Tahseen
There’s little that comes close to being more important for a bride-to-be than looking her best on her wedding day. Swirling around a gorgeous lehenga, having close family and friends around
and a picture-perfect backdrop are all ingredients for picture-perfect nuptials, bolstered by her feeling confident with her glow.
Photo Courtesy: SkinLab
Dr Stuti Khare, M.D. Dermatologist, Founder of Elements of
Aesthetic breaks down the two types of treatments:
dermatology treatments and cosmetic treatments. She explains,
“Dermatology treatments are necessary if you’re dealing with
issues like acne, hair loss, or other skin or hair problems. If you
want to undergo healing treatments, it’s important to start
at least six months early, if not earlier, as they often require
multiple sessions. These include PRP, micro-needling, lasers
for scar and pigmentation reduction, etc. On the other hand,
cosmetic treatments include peels, brightening facials, laser
hair reduction, Botox, Fillers, Threadlift, HIFU (High intensity
focused ultrasound), Body Sculpting and even IV drips.
Nowadays, many people are opting for IV glutathione drips
to enhance overall health. There are various types of IV drips
available for different purposes, such as anti-ageing, energy,
and weight loss. Laser hair reduction is another popular
treatment that almost every bride and groom opts for, in order to have hair-free skin. Many also take supplements like
glutathione, vitamin C, multivitamins, and amino acids, as all
of these can help make the skin look brighter and improve its
Think long-term
While getting that pre-bridal glow we all want for our big
day, let’s go deeper than opting for pre-bridal vacations
that include spa treatments and salon facials to relax and
rejuvenate, says Dr Sethi. “These treatments may provide
temporary benefits, but they often fall short of addressing
deeper skin concerns such as pigmentation, acne, pores, and
scars. It’s better to explore a more holistic approach to pre
bridal skincare and wellness, highlighting treatments that
offer long-lasting results and enhance not just the wedding
day, but the honeymoon and through life beyond.”
She shares what they are. “I think while addressing skin
concerns is essential, brides looking for an all-encompassing
glow can benefit from signature therapies that offer enduring
results. Treatments like K-Glow, Power Facial, or Gold Plasma
Therapy is designed to provide deep nourishment, enhance
skin elasticity, and improve overall texture. These therapies
go beyond surface-level pampering, ensuring that the radiant
glow lasts not just through the wedding day but well into
the honeymoon and even those post-wedding dinners.” It’s not only the face, ask for body treatments for a head-to-toe glow.
“Your body needs the right pampering, too! Silklove, Cloudskin,
and DMF (Deep Moisturizing Facials) are exceptional options
that can deliver fabulous results even after a single session.
These treatments hydrate the skin, improve tone and texture,
and provide a radiant, youthful appearance that complements
the bridal look,” she shares.
Why IV Drips are grabbing the fancy of late
A much-coveted regimen with brides-to-be is the IV Drip. This
intravenous therapy (IV) delivers fluids, vitamins, and minerals
directly into the bloodstream. As this this is direct delivery
system, it allows for higher concentrations of nutrients to
be absorbed more quickly than oral supplementation, as
it bypasses the digestive system. It is aimed at hydrating,
brightening and energising the skin.
Image courtesy: Meghna Bhimjrajka
When Meghna Bhimrajka, marketing professional decided
to tie the knot, she had this therapy in mind to try. She reveals,
“For me, the whole idea of having a beauty regime before the
wedding was like the icing on the cake. It was a treat for me
and added that bit of extra fun and pampering to my whole
wedding run-up experience. It made me feel even more excited
and confident about the big day.” Her pre-beauty wellness
regimen was unique. “I frequent the Ageless Clinic in Mumbai
and since I had my full confidence in Dr Harshana Bijlani from
the clinic, I decided to try this beauty drip in preparation for
my big day. I decided to undergo The Glow Boost IV Therapy,
a powerful mix of antioxidants along with essential minerals
and vitamins that can give your skin an instant boost, as well
as a laser treatment to address facial marks and I also indulged
in a Red Carpet Facial, as I had heard a lot about how it’s such
a fabulous pick-me-up. I have to say I loved the IV therapy; it
delivered outstanding hydration, leaving me with a glowing
complexion perfectly in the days preceding all the wedding
functions. It worked so impressively that I’ve continued with
the treatment even post-wedding. In fact, I even arranged a
session of these treatments for my friends during the wedding
festivities,” she shares.
Dr Kiran Sethi shares more on this trend. “Wedding
preparations can be physically and mentally draining. In
addition to skincare treatments, IV drips for hydration, energy,
and glow can be a game-changer.These intravenous therapies
deliver essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream,
ensuring brides stay energized, hydrated, and radiant
throughout the hectic wedding preparations.” But there’s a lot
to know about this regimen, so what are the dos and don’ts
with it? Approach with caution
Dr Nishita Ranka, internationally acclaimed dermatologist,
Medical Director & Founder of Dr. Nishita’s Clinic for Skin,
Hair & Aesthetics has more. She states,“The appeal of IV drips
for brides is understandable given the desire for a glowing
appearance and increased energy. However, while certain IV
formulations may offer benefits, they should be approached
with caution. It’s essential to understand that while some
components of these drips have well-documented benefits
when used in appropriate clinical settings, their widespread
use for aesthetic or wellness purposes isn’t always backed
by solid scientific evidence.” She further adds, “When we talk
about safety and efficacy, one advantage of IV nutrient therapy
is its 100% bioavailability, compared to the variable absorption
rates of oral supplements which can be less efficient due to
factors like gut health and metabolic rate. One potential risk
is fluid overload, especially in those with certain medical
conditions such as heart or kidney disease. Administering
too much fluid too quickly can strain these organs. You also
have to be careful of an imbalance of electrolytes. Rapidly
introducing large quantities of fluids and minerals can
disrupt the body’s electrolyte balance, potentially leading to
conditions like hyperkalemia (elevated potassium levels) or
hyponatremia (low sodium levels).”
Amidst all the unwinding, beauty regimens, good vibes
and community-building, Dr Madhu Chopra sums things up
with a three-point advice: “The bride is the star of the wedding,
and everyone wants her to look her best. While shopping and
sun exposure can dehydrate the skin, staying hydrated inside
and out is key to achieving a radiant glow. Adequate sleep and
regular exercise can also help you prepare for all the cocktails
and late-night dancing during the wedding festivities.”

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