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May 28, 2024

Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is one of the best work-from-home devices

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+
Ashwin Rajagopalan
The lines between work and play have blurred almost ever since (Work From Home) WFH has become the norm in 2020. Over the last couple of years, the premium tablet category has been working hard on pitching these devices as viable productivity
devices. Samsung’s top-of-the-line Tab S series and Apple’s iPad Pro line have been at the forefront of this endeavour. The Galaxy Tab S7+ isn’t just the best Android tab you can buy now, but a device that has the productivity creeds to ‘get the job done’. We tell you why.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+
First, let’s get this Tab’s fun side out of the way. It all begins with the form factor. Despite its large display, this tab is incredibly thin (just 5.7 mm) and weighs just 575 gm. The tab features exquisite aluminium textures that are created by polycrystalline diamonds with a micro-sand blasted finish that’s soft to touch. The 12.4-inch Super AMOLED display (2800×1752 pixels) packs 287 pixels per inch and also boasts of a 120Hz refresh rate. From videos to gaming, this is one of the best screens out there. The AKG-tuned quad speakers make it a formidable content consumption device.
The Tab S7+ is propelled by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor that combines with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of Internal memory. There’s a dedicated slot for Micro SD cards (up to 1 TB) and a SIM slot – this device is 5G ready. It has enough firepower for intense gaming and is backed by a 10,090 mAh battery that is good for about 14 hours of video playback.
Samsung’s Cover Keyboard is a big part of the device’s content creation pitch. This is an optional accessory, but an indispensable option if you’re looking to use this device as a laptop alternative. Samsung has made visible improvements to this keyboard. It’s much easier to type with multiple function keys. The Book cover keyboard’s free stop hinge gives you additional flexibility with multiple viewing angles that can adapt to different usage scenarios. Samsung’s proprietary DeX solution that we’ve experienced in previous generations of Galaxy tabs mimics a laptop user interface. While the keyboard and the clever user interface allow you to work on Word docs and Excel spreadsheets on the go, you might still veer towards a laptop to craft a complex spreadsheet or a PowerPoint deck
Samsung has bundled the newest S-Pen with this tab. It comes with a whole new bag of tricks, including a useful annotate PDF option and the reduced latency almost makes it as smooth as writing on paper. It’s one more tool that allows the Tab S7+ to manage work and play with equal ease. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ makes the strongest case for an Android tablet as a productivity device; its backed by a gorgeous display and a future-proof spec sheet.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ costs Rs 79,999. The Keyboard Cover costs Rs 14,999. Check for the latest offers from Samsung on the Tab S7+.
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