Top beauty, fashion and lifestyle trends on the internet

Arushi Sakhuja 
Social media is a bizarre place, where anything can happen. It is also a place that sees a hundreds of trends rise and fall. Given the power of content on TikTok and Instagram — amongst many others — some of these trends become part of everyday life. Being popular platforms for information, viral trends and content creation, social media trends come and go so quickly that it’s hard to keep up. Here are some of the hottest fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends across social platforms.
Beauty Trends 
Lipstick contouring
Photo Courtesy: Pexels
Who doesn’t love to contour for that chiselled look? What if we told you that you can now add a contoured look with the help of your lipstick? Popularised on social media, the trend involves using your lipstick to contour your face, applying it to the cheekbones and chin and dotting on the nose. This not only gives a sculpted look but also adds a fresh flush.
Moisture sandwich
Social media trends
Photo Courtesy: Pexels
When it comes to flawless skin, K-beauty is coveted for its techniques. And thanks to social media we now know yet another K-beauty skincare technique — moisturise sandwich. This Korean technique involves applying products while the skin is still damp to ensure the product is well absorbed and locked in for ultimate hydration.
Clean-girl makeup
Social media trends
Photo Courtesy: Alia Bhatt /Instagram
Move over applying layers of makeup to make your skin glow, because this social media trend champions only skincare products. Heavy shadows and thick foundations are now dated, all you need post-skincare is primer, creamy concealer and blush, brow gel and a slick of lip balm to guarantee you a clean-girl dewy makeup look.
Photo Courtesy: Pexels
Getting that coveted tan is no more synonymous with just the beach. Say hello to tantouring, a new approach to fake tanning. The beauty trend involves applying the mitt in areas where you’d like to look a little more sculpted, e.g. under cheekbones and the jawline and down the bridge of the nose. This not only works as an effective way to add some tanning to your skin, rather also gives you a long-lasting and natural-looking facial definition.
Soap brows
Social media trends
Photo Courtesy: Deepika Padukone/Instagram
Thick brows have been a beauty trend for a while now — on and off the runway. So if you wish to get on the right side of the trend Soap brows are the way to go. Soap brows help you achieve fluffy defined brows that give a brushed-up and slicked look without using eyebrow gel. The technique involves applying soap to your brows– and this may sound bizarre but it works wonders to give your brow shape and volume. Soap coats the hair and gives them a fuller appearance, and the glycerin adds shine.
Fashion Trends
Photo Courtesy: Valentino
Photo Courtesy: Valentino
The moment you think of the word Barbie a feminine image and hues of pink almost always cloud your mind. And this trend is no different. At the core of this social media, the trend is colour – as long as you wear a shade of hot pink you are on trend. Be it platforms, a mini dress or wide-legged pants the silhouette or style doesn’t much matter.
Social media trends
Photo Courtesy: Gigi Hadid/Instagram
This season is all about Y2K fashion and the Baddie aesthetic is all about combining strong beauty looks with sexy, sporty clothing. From thick brows to long nails and pout perfect lips style with cargo pants, an oversized tee and some spandex; each look shouts our Baddie. The aesthetic has been around since at least the early ‘90s, with deep roots in hip hop, and has come to life yet again.
Lifestyle Trends
Social media trends
Photo Courtesy: Pexels
One of the biggest trends that caught on during the pandemic was CleanTok. The trend offers a variety of cleaning hacks for your household giving it a deep clean. From easy hacks to clean your workspace to using baking soda to get rid of wine stains and using detergent in the toilet tanks to clean the bowl; these are easy cleaning hacks to practice at home
Google Earth trend
Social media trends
Photo Courtesy: Google Earth
What if we told you there’s a way to show the world the coolest spot you’ve been to? The Google Earth video allows creators to Google Earth to show people an interesting spot that they have been to. You can keep zooming in to the location and then it opens up to show cinematic photos and videos of the place.
Quiet quitting 
Social media trends
Photo Courtesy: Pexels
Work-life balance has become an imperative part of our life, and this trend simply acknowledges the notion that work need does need to take over one’s life. Quiet quitting states that employees should work within defined work hours and engage solely in activities within work hours. This doesn’t involve quitting your job but rather quitting going above and beyond for work and restricting it to work hours.
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