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April 20, 2024

Can’t go to a salon? Try these skin gadgets that 3-D prints makeup and reduces wrinkles and more

Pratishtha Rana

It sometimes gets exhausting to sit through long beauty and skin treatment sessions in a salon or a spa. And now, in the pandemic, these could even be a health safety risk.
To counter the problem, hi-tech brands across the world have been making some pretty neat gadgets, which one can use to get that skin fix in no time and with minimum efforts. From in-depth skin analysis, refreshing facial massage and CTM (cleansing, toning, moisturizing) routine to permanently getting rid of body hair, here are some products you should invest in. They are fancy, functional and super luxurious!
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Dr Dennis Gross, Spectralight Faceware Pro
For $435
The faceware by Dr Dennis Gross is a futuristic mask, which adjusts to your face’s shape. The operating button is installed on the mask’s forhead area. It is equipped with three LED options a – red light to manage collagen and elastin production to fight sun spots and wrinkles; blue light manages acne-related bacteria; a mix of red and blue LED works together on spots and fine line issues.
The product comes with a USB charging cord, detachable head strap, a storage bag and a user manual. Dr Dennis Gross recommends a 10-week course of this treatment for best results.
Mink, 3D makeup printer
For $395
World’s first 3D device that prints eye shadows, blush and more, Mink printer transforms colourful images into wearable makeup. According to the brand, the portable machine can produce up to 16.7 million colours at a speed of 15 seconds per sheet. All you need to do is upload an image of choice in the Mink app, insert mink-provided makeup sheet into the printer and hit go! Voila, your colour palette is ready.
HiMirror, Mini Premium X mirror
For $279
Called the world’s smartest vanity mirror, HiMirror Mini Premium X is a hi-tech tool that analysis skin. The intelligent mirror assesses your skin for dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines and pores with just a photo, and helps you track treatment progress and maintain your skincare routine in tandem with the final results.
Foreo, UFO smart mask
For $199
Courtesy- Foreo
Made with super hygienic, soft silicone, Foreo’s UFO combines a world-class mix of LED and hyper infusion technology with Korean mask ingredients to give you a futuristic at-home facial spa experience. Its unbeatable thermal mode works together with the cryotherapy mode to deal with facial puffiness and pores.
MMSkincare, MMSphere 2.0
For $795
Courtesy- MMSkincare
MMMask is a wholesome tech beauty experience at home, which also includes a day-glow serum, facelift serum and spot corrector. Backed with a 10-year rechargeable battery power, MMSphere infuses all the ingredients into your skin in just 20 minutes. This is an effective device for a hassle-free, quick skin routine.
Interesting to note here, every colour in the ring has a different effect on your skin – Blue light eliminates inflammation and redness; Red light is for soothing and calming your skin and green light improves collagen synthesis to diminish wrinkles.
Illuminage, Touch permanent hair remover
For $445
A permanent solution to get rid of the body and facial hair at the comfort of your home; Illuminage’s Touch hair remover is a perfect product. The FDA-approved device works on every skin tone and the set comes packed with a precision adaptor, epilator attachment and goggles. Powered by *Elos technology with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF), the experience is safe, sound and painless. The self-treatment can be completed in about 30 minutes and the intensity of hair removal can be adjusted to low, medium or high. The tech-forward brand claims that around 94 per cent hair reduction can be seen in a span of a six-week course of seven treatments.
*Elos™ Technology uses a laser or broad-spectrum light and bi-polar frequency energies to damage the hair follicle.


Pratishtha Rana


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