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February 24, 2024

World Sushi Day: Dig into yummy sushi at these fab Mumbai and Delhi restaurants

Pratishtha Rana
With every bite you can experience an explosion of flavours, rolled up in fine and delicate sushi that always leaves you wanting for more. Sushi has had quite a journey in the gourmet food scene – from its humble beginning as Nazerushi, a fermented fish wrapped in vinegared rice, to being sold as a quick snack on the streets of Japan and now being a global, hot favourite served in Michelin and high-end diners.
On World Sushi Day today, we list the best places in Mumbai and Delhi to enjoy authentic sushi, served alongside wasabi and pickled ginger. And, if you’re still waiting for your first Covid jab, you could stay in and get your favourite sushi delivered right to your doorstep. Meshiagare!
Foo, an authentic Asian Tapas by popular restaurateur duo Tham Brothers, is located in Mumbai’s Churchgate, Lower Parel and Powai. It serves a truly wholesome feast, from savoury and desserts to unique, heady cocktails. But what stands out is its mouth-watering selection of sushi with over 10 distinct variations. Think yam bean-blue rice uramaki, truffle black rice maki, spicy tuna maki, wild salmon uramaki, Peruvian lobster roll, Nikkei avocado uramaki and a special Foo vegan maki made with black rice, avocado, guacamole, miso and Thai chilly.
Dine-in between 12 to 4 pm (prior reservations) or order here
Wild Salmon Uramaki -Foo Mumbai
Wild Salmon Uramaki -Foo
House of Mandarin
An accomplished chef and restaurateur Rachel Goenka’s Oriental eatery, House of Mandarin, might as well be the house of sushi as it serves a vibrant assortment of sushi, for vegetarians and seafood lovers alike. Expect to taste the choicest of sushi platters, including spicy salmon roll, salmon crab roll, tuna nigiri, classic California roll, prawn tempura, avocado salad roll, corn gunkan and wild rice-pickled roll.
Dine-in between 12 to 4 pm at Bandra and Powai outlets (in Mumbai) or order here
World Sushi Day: House of Mandarin
House of Mandarin
Featured in the esteemed list of World’s 50 Best Discovery (Restaurants), Mumbai’s Asian fine-dine Koko is better known for whipping up yum Japanese and Cantonese fare. Capturing the authentic, clean flavours of classic sushi, its menu consists of California roll made with crabmeat, caviar and avocado, Hoi Sin duck roll glazed with plum sauce, Salmon harusa maki, Unagi maki with bbq eel and Thai mango salsa. Veg options have black rice edamame roll, spicy tofu maki, kappa avocado maki and chilli mango roll.
Order online here
Chilly Tempura Roll - Koko Mumbai
Chilly Tempura Roll
– Koko
Pa Pa Ya
Pa Pa Ya has outlets in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata and it is a favourite of modern Pan-Asian cuisine lovers. If you’re an experimenter at heart, the restaurant’s wide range of sushi will bowl you over. Their gourmet vegetarian and non-vegetarian sushi options include a box of sushi gang, sushi boat, avocado mango roll, carbon (black rice) sushi roll, spicy tuna, yellow tail raw mango, salmon crème cheese, smoked avocado nigiri, sake nigiri and three types of sashimi.
Dine-in between 12 to 4 pm (in Mumbai) and 12 to 10 pm (in Gurgaon) or order here
World Sushi Day: Pa Pa Ya Mumbai
Pa Pa Ya Mumbai
Say yes to Yazu this World Sushi Day! Rightly dubbed as a Pan-Asian supper club, Yazu, in Mumbai’s Andheri, brings to your table a scrumptious feast, ranging from Japanese, Korean, Thai and Chinese dishes. We recommend skipping over directly to its fine sushi assortment and choose from a 20-pc sushi platter, Maguro and Sake sashimi, Salmon and Tuna usuzukuri, Nigiri Smoked salmon roll, crunchy Korean prawns roll, spicy tuna, crispy asparagus roll and more. Devour this delicacy piece by piece, alongside Yazu’s signature martini, cosmo, whisky sour and gin and tonic!
Delivering across Mumbai. Call on 89288 28383 to order
Yazu Mumbai sushi platter
Yazu Mumbai sushi platter
Yum Yum Cha
For those who know Delhi in and out, know that the Pan-Asian restaurant Yum Yum Cha operates from an adorable set-up, adorned with peppy Origami décor and classy white furniture. Their sushi menu is even more fun and quite extensive, offering options of dragon sushi roll (made of BBQ eel, avocado and sesame), rainbow roll (with salmon, tuna, crab, avocado and cucumber wrapped in), poke poke roll (with Hawaiian tuna poke, scallop and crab), classic crispy cream sushi, kiwi-mango sushi, asparagus tempura and versions of spicy salmon rolls.
Delivering via and on call 8700098700
Yum Yum Cha
Yum Yum Cha sushi platter
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