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While fashion designer Ritu Kumar is itching to go back to work and collaborate with rural craftsmen and women soon, she is also enjoying the break, even if a forced one, as she hasn’t gotten one like this in years. She keeps herself busy by practising yoga, meditation, going for long walks and writing her autobiography.

Ritu Kumar collection
Ritu Kumar collection
As a designer, what are your priorities right now?
Well, as and when we open, which I hope to immediately, I will finish all the pending work, which was half done before the lockdown. I am also hoping that things will eventually get back to normal and when it does, we will launch a new collection and a new line.
What is your everyday lockdown routine like?
Well, I’m usually quite busy. I haven’t gotten a break such as this in many years. So I’m using this time for myself. I practice yoga and meditation in the morning. In the afternoon, I sit and work on a book, which I’m writing. It’s a travelogue and a biography. This takes me through the day. Additionally, as I live in an open space, I take a walk for a while, and after coming back, I read or watch something.
Could you suggest a few fashion DIY hacks for the readers to try at home?
One very good thing we could do is to open our wardrobes and see what (outfits, accessories) can be mixed and matched. Making a new thing is, perhaps, redundant at the moment. So it’s a good time to pull all those outfits that you have forgotten about and pair it with something else to make a completely new outfit.
What is the first thing you will do after the lockdown is lifted?
The faster one can get back to creating outfits and give work to craftsmen and women in the villages, the better it would it. I am looking forward to starting working with craftspeople again.
What is your message for our readers and your clients?
People will not be looking for a lot of fast fashion, which does not last very long. These tough days have taught us to value what we already have and create our own look.
Post the lockdown, how do you think the world and luxury consumption in India change?
It’s hard to say what will happen in other parts of the world, but in India, I think people will become more conservative in spending money because we are a country that saves. This crisis is a wake-up call for everybody. People may buy gold and not a. a lot of junk jewellery. They will buy things that last longer. and can be passed down to their daughters.