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February 27, 2024

This Bangalore holiday home is the best place to relax and rejuvenate

Ruhi Gilder
Enter the Avani Residence, a zone of relaxation, where you can sip a hot cup of filter coffee, read a juicy murder mystery or just watch time go by.  

project by Cane Boutique, the holiday home is right on the outskirts of the city of Bangalore.
The Cane Boutique is a luxury furniture brand specialising in eclectic and exclusive furniture and décor creates made-to-order pieces for elite clients such as Reliance Jio and Café Coffee Day.  

A residential project, this tastefully modern 7000 square ft vacation house, is customised to represent the client’s affinity to nature. The sprawling home is spread across two storeys, with the living, dining, bar, Buddha courtyard, mandir, kitchen on the ground floor. The first floor is family-oriented and designed to be simple, low-maintenance. It’s equipped with a Jacuzzi room, family room, kids and master bedroom. 

The exterior is linear with stone cladding, large windows and extended decks. An open floor plan lends the illusion of space, the expanse broken by an eye-catchingly serene Buddha mounted on a wall spanning the length of the house. The mural is complete with a shallow pondsweet-smelling frangipani tree and an overhead glass ceiling to allow a filter of sunlight.   

A billiards table and a distressed bar serve as spaces for the family to entertain, and the sliding door between the outdoor deck can be opened to provide the perfect extension during parties. 

The dining area is a stunning fusion of styles and materials, featuring the brick wall, 14-inch solid log wood table. A uniquely carved door with a variety of motifs is the entrance to the mandir area.  

According to the designers at Cane Boutique, an integral part of the design is natural light. An analysis of the direction of the sun rays during different times of the day, lead to certain walls being crafted with materials like stone, brick, and wooden strips, creating a beautiful interplay of light and shadows.

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Ruhi Gilder


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